MIND fundraising! 

Today was a big day in the office! Me and some colleagues wanted to raise awareness for Mental Health and I was more than happy to get my hands stuck in! 

I have organised a cake sale for the fundraising and I also had a rep from the charity to come down and speak to people! 

The day weeny really well and it was very positive and definitely helped the atmosphere within the work place. I have also spoken to the rep and I will be doing even more for the charity with the upcoming weeks.

I will continue my blog and update you all as I get updates via my instagram page. 

Today has made me realise just how far I have come within months! Even though I do not have my therapy sessions come through yet (that will be soon!) I am more confident and happy within myself. I am now in a place where I have been helping people that are not in a good place and helping them come along to feel happy within themselves. 

I think the more I can help people even if it is just the one then the better! No one deserves to suffer alone or suffer at all. The more help that is out there than the better! 
We can do this, 

We WILL do this. 


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